Neon Read On Kit

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It's time to light up your nonfiction reading instruction! Close Reading? So what’s all the buzz about? Hope will break it down step-by-step as she teaches you reading strategies that will help your students develop a process for reading nonfiction texts and that will empower your readers to attack complex texts with ease. Your Neon Read On Class Kit will include everything you need to fully implement close reading strategies all year long and will equip your students with individual resources to annotate and analyze nonfiction reading passages. Are you ready to Get Your Neon Read On?

Your Neon Read On Kit includes:

  • Neon Read On Box to house all student kits.
  • (30) individual student kits that include pattern pairs glasses, highlighter, magnifying glass, individual blacklight flashlight, and legos (batteries not included).
  • Digital curriculum that is fully aligned to Common Core Standards Includes 12 complete lesson plans to outline the entire process of reading nonfiction texts, all of your digital resources for instruction, 10 student practice passages, a list of online resources, answer keys, and digital posters to display content in your classroom.
  • Neon Read On Conference Session Video (80 min.) Workshop that will walk you through each step of this close reading process. This is a recording of a session from Get Your Teach On, and is NOT the full 3.5 hour coaching program sold through GYTO The Encore. You can learn more about the full coaching program here.

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Instructional Concepts Covered: 

Prereading Strategies:

Skill 1: A Taste of Textual Evidence - Laying a foundation for using textual evidence to support all claims and conclusions
Skill 2: Text/Book Tasting - Learning to independently establish a purpose for reading
Skill 3: TAG Your Text - Prereading Strategies

READ 1: Finding Patterns that Lead to Comprehension

Skill 4: Identifying Key Ideas
Skill 5: Identifying Text Structures

READ 2: Using Patterns to Comprehend

Skill 6: Creating Text Dependent Questions
Skill 7: Identifying Most Important Details
Skill 8: Strategies to Identify the Meaning of Unknown Words

READ 3: Organizing Thoughts & Summarizing

Skill 9: Get Your Neon Read On - Organize
Skill 10: Get Your Neon Read On - Summarize
Skill 11: Make Connections
Skill 12: Draw Conclusions

Important Notes - Please Read:

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  • In addition to your order confirmation email, you will receive a second email with a link to access the digital components. This email is extremely important as it is how you will access the digital resources.
  • Please download the Neon Read On Guide PDF file as soon as possible. You will have 30 days to download the PDF and save it to your computer before the link is no longer valid.
  • To protect against fraud, you will be able to use the PDF download link five times before it is disabled. The Neon Read On video cannot be downloaded and is for streaming only.

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